Wellbeing to your doorstep 

Multi-site Organisation

"Looking to enhance
your employees'comfort?"

As a multi-site organisation with a head office, R&D centre, regional offices, production sites, branches, etc, all your employees, wherever they may work in France or Europe, expect your company to understand their needs and provide them with a pleasant environment in which they can work effectively on a day-to-day basis.

We now know that employees'working environment and wellbeing influence productivity and contribute largely to a company's success. Optimising this requires innovative offers, pleasant areas for time out, and consistent service quality to all the company's sites and all its employees.

Daréa meets these criteria, offering machines, maintenance and service that ensure the best possible working conditions for your employees at all times, wherever they may be.


More accessible: 

Service available at all times to all your employees, no matter what their working hours.


More appealing: 

Your company can attract and retain talent by offering a quality working environment.


More sociable: 

A new way to foster better communication between employees